Discussion Prompt: Share Your Experience

Topic Progress:

Share a leadership story from when you were her age! Building leadership skills starts the first time we interact with others. Remind her that leading is something she can do right now by sharing your experiences and asking about hers. Make sure to talk about the hard parts and the reason you’re proud of what you did. Check out this resource from the Girl Scouts on leadership from a girl’s perspective. Here are some questions to get the party started:

  • Q. Did I ever tell you about the first time I really felt like a leader? It was scary, but I couldn’t believe that I was able to do that!
  • Q. Which of your friends do you think is a good leader? What makes them good at being a leader? How do you have those qualities?
  • Q. I was really proud of what you did today. Can I tell you why?
  • Q. Are there any ways that you’re trying to be a leader at school or with your friends? How does it feel?