Activity: Build Personal Mastery

Topic Progress:

Get really good at what you’re good at! Leaders own their awesomeness. They know they are great at stuff they care about. Get out some paper and markers and start making the world’s longest list of all the things you’re into! The first few might be easy but you’ll get stuck (even adults get stuck), but your job is to stay in the game and keep looking!

  • Consider things where you might not have a ton of experience in, but you really like to do like camping or making breakfast with your mom or dad or training the dog.
  • Or think about things you used to love but haven’t done in a while, like playing make believe or building forts or dancing in the living room.
  • Then: pick your top 10 and ask yourself what would it look like to be super good at those things. Like, what does the best bike rider in the world do? Think about whether you might want to try out getting even better at one of your favorite activities!