We start conversations and plant seeds for future elected leaders.

As a nonpartisan nonprofit, we drive public dialogue about women’s representation and offer first-step resources designed for women whose formidable leadership potential would go otherwise untapped in conventional political recruitment.

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Mission + Vision

She Should Run is a national, nonpartisan nonprofit working to drastically increase the number of women considering a run for office. We envision a future where our government is fully representative of the people it serves.

Our Approach

Our research identified 24 million American women who are motivated by issues that disproportionately affect them and their communities but aren’t thinking about running for office. 

Our work is rooted in data, research, and feedback from our target audiences. Through public awareness efforts and creative partnerships, we spark dialogue that runs parallel with our resources that demystify politics and make civic engagement accessible for women who have never seriously considered elected leadership.

If we want to flood the candidate pool with women who represent the full and beautiful diversity of perspective and life experience of this country, we must engage more people in the process. We are committed to increasing the number of women, tracking to the projected 2060 population, in the political leadership pipeline, an effort that reflects our increasingly diverse future and our commitment to ensuring LGBTQ+ and Gen Z women are fully represented.

Our Impact



first steps have been taken through the use of our tools, resources, and events

as of 2023



women have further explored the possibility of public office through She Should Run

as of 2023

Our Reach

We have reached millions with our messaging about the need for more women in office through earned media, partnerships, and creative content.

We move messages about and spark action on elected leadership.

From consumer product development and viral campaigns, to celebrity partnerships and opinion editorials, to encouragement tools and workshops that connect the dots between elected leadership and workplace leadership, we are normalizing a conversation about the need for women in public office.

Our Values

Pursue unapologetically

Demonstrate integrity

Think big, speak up

Figure it out

Redefine leadership

Elevate individuality and intersectionality