We Help Women Explore the Possibility of a Run

She Should Run is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office.

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The Challenge We Face

Women are less likely to run for public office and therefore are seriously underrepresented. According to the World Economic Forum, “Gender parity has a fundamental bearing on whether or not economies and societies thrive.”

The She Should Run Solution

We motivate women from all walks of life to explore the possibility of public office by identifying and tackling the barriers to elected leadership. We do this through data-driven content, education, and collective action.

Join Our Vision of #250Kby2030

Women are underrepresented at all levels in the 500,000+ elected offices across the U.S. That is why She Should Run is driven by a vision of seeing 250,000 women run for local, state, and federal offices by 2030.

When more women run, more women lead. And as more and more women from the She Should Run Community become elected officials at all levels of office, they become role models to girls and young women, normalize women’s leadership, and amplify the need for gender parity in office. By encouraging more women to run, we are building a more effective and representative government that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Impact

She Should Run helps every woman understand the importance of being equally represented in office, gives her the opportunity to see herself there, demonstrates that she is qualified, and provides the pathways for her to take the first step.



women have explored the possibility of public office by joining the She Should Run Community



women have attended a live in-person or virtual She Should Run learning event



of women in our Community report that they are now more likely to consider running for office



people have identified the personal role they play in achieving equal representation



women have been referred to She Should Run by our amazing partner organizations



individual donors across 50 states and Puerto Rico have financially supported our mission

How We Fit into the Political Funnel

Unlike traditional political organizations that focus on campaign training, She Should Run makes public leadership accessible and approachable for women who are looking to make a difference but may have never considered running before.

Our Values

Imagine the possibilities.

Challenge the status quo.

Make an impact.

Build inclusive community.

Honor diverse voices.


Cultivate a culture of learning and curiosity.

Our Programs, Tools, and Events

The She Should Run Community

The She Should Run Community is an online meeting place for women who are considering a future run for office. Within the Community, you can find tools and resources, including The Incubator, video content, a virtual member directory, and more. Learn more.

Woman working on the Incubator

The Incubator

The Incubator is an online, self-driven learning platform featuring a robust nonpartisan curriculum that allows participants to unveil the many pathways to political leadership, discover why they want to serve, and connect with a supportive community, ultimately building their confidence toward a future run for office. Learn more.

Ask a Woman to Run

The Ask a Woman to Run tool is an easy to use online experience which gives anyone the opportunity to play a role in solving gender inequality simply by asking a woman in their lives to run for office. Learn more.

Role Call

The Role Call program helps everyone identify the role they can play in supporting women’s representation while providing customized next steps to take on gender inequality in their communities in 2020 and beyond. Learn more.

Professional development

Professional Development Series

She Should Run’s suite of customized curricula allows partners to join the movement for women’s representation in ways that meet their unique audience criteria. We provide research-backed, meaningful content that offers women at various levels of political awareness the actionable strategies that will enhance their role in civic engagement and present the possibility of a future run for office. Learn more.

Help Her Lead

Help Her Lead is designed to give you tools and activities to talk to a girl in your life about the ways she can become a leader – and the obstacles she will likely face. Here, grown-ups can get resources to have a conversation about leadership with a girl in their life, and use the tools and activities to engage and inspire her. Learn more.