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2024 Election Webinar Series

This three-part, nonpartisan webinar series brings women leaders together to offer tangible actions you can take to improve your mindset and your community this year.

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Our 2024 Election Webinar Series is made possible with support from MAKERS, a Yahoo media and community-focused brand that exists to accelerate equity for women in the workplace and beyond by forging purposeful partnerships and sharing stories that ignite passion and drive change.

Protecting Your Sanity and Our Democracy in the 2024 Election

Wednesday, April 24, 12pm ET

While it’s true that less than a third of US adults are satisfied with the way our democracy is working, there are simple actions we can take now that will yield positive outcomes for our communities today and in the future. Join us to uncover your purpose and protect your sanity in what we know is going to be a very noisy election year.

Our Speakers

Jaynie Parrish, Navajo Nation
Executive Director & Founder, Arizona Native Vote

Jaynie Parrish is a citizen of the Navajo Nation, grew up in Window Rock and Kayenta, AZ, and has been dedicated to increasing Indigenous representation all across sectors of our society and governmental structures. Jaynie leads Arizona Native Vote, a newly founded non-profit organization dedicated to building political power in rural and tribal communities.

In 2020, Jaynie was called home by her mentor Dr. Peterson Zah to help organize Native voters in northeast Arizona. This incredible team of grassroots organizers delivered a significant number of Native votes that helped carry Arizona in the 2020 general election and 2022 midterms. She is also very proud of her work with EMILY’s List, Denise Juneau congressional campaign and Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Jaynie taught American Indian Studies and Women and Gender studies at the University of North Dakota, centered youth wellness with Intertribal Sports, and worked with the National Indian Gaming Association and Rock the Vote. While at Arizona State University (ASU), Office of the President, Jaynie worked with Dr. Peterson Zah to help increase Indigenous student enrollment, retention, graduation rates, and faculty recruitment. This effort to create inclusive academic and civic partnerships with tribal nations and communities was one of the first of its kind and is now a model nationwide. Jaynie is an alum of Arizona State University and the Harvard Kennedy School.

Vedna Lacombe-Heywood
Board Member, League of Women Voters

Vedna has been involved in various forms of community service, advocacy, and social activism for over 20 years. Her exposure to mission trips and her family’s influence helped shape her commitment to positively impacting. She initially joined the League to enhance her civic engagement and assist
first-generation immigrants and new voters in navigating the election process.

During her tenure with the League of Massachusetts, she facilitated partnerships with organizations in majority-minority towns and cities, promoting inclusive civic participation. Her role as a National Board Director and Trustee with the League of Women Voters in DC highlights her dedication to strengthening democracy and civic involvement. Serving as the Advocacy and Litigation Co-chair and UN Observer Liaison, she advocates for marginalized voices, amplifying their political representation.

In addition to her work with the League of Women Voters, Vedna is an elected School Board Member for the Plymouth District, where she made history as the first African American to be elected to town government in Plymouth’s 400-year history. Her contributions extend beyond policy-making, as she actively serves on various sub-committees, including those dedicated to safety, negotiations, and diversity.

As a Haitian native and immigrant, Vedna’s dedication to the diaspora and the challenges faced by communities in the US and Haiti propelled her to join the National Haitian American Elected Officials Network as an Executive Board member. Through this platform, she actively engages with and advocates for the Haitian community, focusing on critical issues impacting their welfare and empowerment.

As a surgical trauma ICU nurse and community advocate, Vedna utilizes her healthcare background to make a difference in people’s lives. Her leadership and community service have been recognized with multiple awards, reflecting her dedication to improving various aspects of society. She also embraces mentorship, particularly for young women from underserved communities, embodying the belief of “lifting as we climb.”

Vedna’s passion for empowering young women led her to found H.E.L.D. (Heal, Empower, Love, Develop) – an organization that focuses on supporting young women between the ages of 16 and 26 who have experienced trauma. Through H.E.L.D. programming and community-building initiatives, Vedna and her team help these young women recognize their self-worth, develop their unique skills, and guide them toward leadership roles.

Overall, Vedna Lacombe-Heywood’s background and accomplishments demonstrate her commitment to community, advocacy, and creating a better future for underserved populations.

Reclaiming Women’s Power, One Issue At a Time

Wednesday, June 26, 12pm ET

Recent studies show that globally, increased representation of women often results in laws designed to ensure women’s equality and that a country’s overall progress and performance improve when there is significant representation of women in public leadership. From access to reproductive healthcare and gender-based violence to the pay gap, learn how different women leaders are tackling these issues for themselves and their communities. Register now.

Your Vote…And Then Some

Wednesday, September 4, 12pm ET

Voting is your chance to express needs, preferences, and even dissatisfaction with those in current power, so voting is a must. That said, there are lots of ways you can show up for your community in the 2024 election. Join us to find out how.

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