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2024 Election Webinar Series

This nonpartisan webinar series brings women leaders together to offer tangible actions you can take to improve your mindset and your community this year.

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Our 2024 Election Webinar Series is made possible with support from MAKERS, a Yahoo media and community-focused brand that exists to accelerate equity for women in the workplace and beyond by forging purposeful partnerships and sharing stories that ignite passion and drive change.

Reclaiming Women’s Power, One Issue At a Time

Wednesday, June 26, 12pm ET

Recent studies show that globally, increased representation of women often results in laws designed to ensure women’s equality and that a country’s overall progress and performance improves when there is significant representation of women in public leadership. From systemic racism and gender-based violence to gun violence and access to reproductive healthcare, come learn how different women leaders are tackling these issues for themselves and their communities.
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Your Vote…And Then Some

Wednesday, September 4, 12pm ET

Voting is your chance to express needs, preferences, and even dissatisfaction with those in current power, so voting is a must. That said, there are lots of ways you can show up for your community in the 2024 election. Join us to find out how.

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