Activity: Stand up to Bullies

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This activity helps with long-term leadership development, but it’s also for real life, day-to-day kid survival skills. For this activity, you are going to practice confronting bullies so that your girl can develop a sense of self to stand up for herself. If you need more support in talking to your girl about this, please visit for resources, tips and more information.

  • Scenario option: Adult plays the part of the victim, girl plays the part of the bully. Ask her to use words and tone that she hears when she hears bullying. Your job is to be funny, light, and let it roll off your back. Or imitate how you’re teaching your girl to address bullying. Ultimately, at the end, you will walk away. Then reflect with your girl about what worked, what did she hear you say, how being bullied made you feel, and how did being the bully make you feel?