Discussion Prompt: Find a Role Model

Topic Progress:

Based on research by She Should Run, younger girls (typically aged 5-9) are most like to consider their parent/guardian as their greatest role model. After age 9 girls begin to expand beyond their own home and find role models in their coaches, their schools, their community leaders, and celebrities. Based on the age and interest of the girl in your life, help her identify a role model, and grow in her understanding of how they lead. Choose one of the prompts below:

Prompt #1 (ages 5-9)

Did you know that you are the one who sparks her fire? Seeing you as a leader is often the biggest inspiration for the girls in your life. While girls learn about leadership from all kinds of sources, “70% [of parents] name themselves and/or their child’s other parent/guardian as the biggest leadership influence,” according to new research commissioned by She Should Run and Barbie. So, how will you demonstrate leadership and public service, and how can you bring your girl along for the ride? Some ideas: volunteer on a political campaign or for a non-profit. Want some more inspiration? Ask her if she thinks you’re a leader, and what makes her think that. Then consider doing more of those things, or think about variations on the theme. You just might be surprised by how much she has picked up already.

Prompt #2 (ages 9 and above)

Elected leaders are people too. Help her look up local elected women who represent her (think: school board, county board) and discover what they’ve been working on. For bonus points: everyone loves being seen as a role model. Encourage your girl to contact a local leader and ask if she can meet her, or go to a local government meeting and introduce yourselves after the meeting.