Our Signature Curriculum

We offer simple actions you can take, workshops, courses, resources, and networking - all meant for women who want to show up for their communities but need help figuring out how to get started.

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“ I am no longer making excuses and relying on others to keep my community safe, protected and healthy. ”
California District 4 State Senator & She Should Run Community Member

Signature Curriculum

Women are already leading in every aspect of their lives. Their individual journeys may be unique, but their dedication to community is shared.

Find Your Purpose

Any leadership journey starts with answering the question, “why?” What experiences have shaped the person you are, and how do they influence your future?

Current Offerings

  • The Power in Purpose Audio Course: This course will guide you through clarifying what causes drive you to action. Learn More

Get Civically Involved

If you care about your community, chances are you’re already aware of all the ways you can contribute. Here, we’ll walk you through tangible actions that can influence your civic engagement long-term.

Current Offerings

  • 4 Steps to Building a Better Community: This four-week email course will guide you through finding your passion, honing your skills, and making a plan to get more involved in your community. Learn More

Prepare for a Future Run

Let us help you explore how to make a more significant impact by considering a run for office and the skills that can get you there.

Current Offerings

  • So, You’re Thinking About Running for Office: Our step-by-step guide helps you see you already have what it takes to lead and offers tangible next steps to turn that awareness into political action. Download Now
  • The Starter Kit: This dedicated set of resources will help you better navigate through your initial questions and concerns while considering running for office. Learn More
  • Also, stay tuned to our events page for a schedule of upcoming webinars.

Connect with a Greater Ecosystem

Once you’ve made the decision to run for office, either now or in the future, connect with a more extensive network of organizations ready to support your next step. Don’t worry; we’re still here for you, and you can always come back to connect, ask questions, or encourage someone else.

Current Offerings

  • Take Your Next Step: These resources will help you take the next step in your leadership journey. Learn More
  • Ask Her Anything: Connect with a woman who has previously run for office for a 30-minute, one-on-one conversation. Learn More
“ She Should Run, to me, has been a place of psychological safety. It's been a place of community, it's been a place where I feel valued and included just as I am. ”
Higher Education Administrator at Stanford University & She Should Run Community Member
She Should Run’s Signature Curriculum was made possible with the support of the Crimsonbridge Foundation.