She Should Run's

Starter Kit

Curious about running for office but unsure where to start? This Starter Kit is a dedicated set of resources created to help you better navigate through your initial questions and concerns while considering running for office.


The 2024 Election Webinar Series

We'll bring women leaders together to offer tangible actions you can take to improve your mindset and your community this year.

Quick Tips

5 Ways to Flip the Script

Tips for protecting your sanity + our democracy when someone offers their hot take on today’s daunting political news.


5 Transformative Ways to Crush Imposter Syndrome

Overcome feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy with these five simple strategies.


5 Tips to Build Resilience

Here are some ways you can build your resilience so that you’re well equipped to handle whatever the world throws at you.


6 Ways You Can Make a Positive Change in Your Community

You don’t need to run for Federal office to make a difference. Here are six simple ways you can create a positive change right now!


Skills Identification Worksheet

You already have many skills that contribute to success in your everyday life. Learn how to utilize them for civic engagement with this worksheet.

Barriers to Running

26 Common Barriers to Running for Office

Read through 26 different reasons that women don't pursue public leadership and how to move past them.


Which Public Office Should You Run For?

Would you make a magnificent mayor? Or are you destined for your local school board? Take this quiz to find out.


Public Office Profile Suite

Not sure what office to run for? This resource highlights eight different positions, what they are, the requirements to run, and helpful skills to have.

PDF Download

So You’re Thinking About Running for Office

If you’re curious about what goes into running for office, this step-by-step guide and workbook is exactly what you need to get started.


Take Your Next Step

Looking for something else that isn't covered here? These resources will help you take the next step in your leadership journey.


Be a Multiplier

Encourage a woman you know to explore her leadership potential by sending her this digital card.


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