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Connect with a woman who has previously run for office for a 30-minute, one-on-one conversation. From questions about social media bullying to how to afford childcare, get answers that will enable you to move forward in your own journey toward running for office.

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Are you one of the 24 million American women who is primed for elected leadership but feels unqualified or uncertain about how to take your next step?

Wherever you fall, we invite you to join our efforts to usher in the next generation of women leaders.

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Why Mentorship?

Women who have run for office say mentorship is one of the most common resources they use when deciding whether or not to put their names on the ballot. Learning from another woman who has already run for office is instrumental for women wanting to explore their political leadership options by gaining first-hand knowledge that will develop and build the confidence necessary to run.

Key Dates:

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Mentorship is a good option for you if you seek things like:

  • Personalized guidance. Every woman’s journey to political office is different. One-on-one conversations can tap into your goals, fears, and motivations and provide an individualized response.
  • Real-world insights. The women you’re signing up to speak with have been where you might want to be, and they have tangible experiences to pull from that can help you demystify the aspects of running for office you may be unsure about.
  • Motivation and confidence. Maybe all you need is someone to say that they believe in you. These conversations can help boost your self-esteem and provide the motivation necessary to get your name on the ballot.

How to get your questions answered by an expert:

  1. Review our list of confirmed mentors and make a note of your top three choices based on aspects like where they’re located, their political affiliation, and the position they ran for.
  2. Apply to participate in an Ask Her Anything cohort.
  3. You and your mentor will find time to connect virtually for a 30-minute conversation.
  4. Start preparing for your conversation using our Best Practices Guide for Mentees.

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