7 Reasons to Consider Monthly Giving

| She Should Run

by Jennifer Rivera

There are many reasons why you might commit to a monthly donation, be it to consistently engage in meaningful work or to give back to your community. My advice is to always make your monthly donation personal–because it is. Your dollars are an investment towards the future you hope to see.  

For me, as a strong woman who was raised by strong women, that means donating to women-centered organizations that advocate for our needs. 

If your personal goal is to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office, you can’t go wrong with She Should Run. But why specifically consider a monthly donation?

  1. For starters, monthly donations are an up-and-coming form of support and have become immensely influential methods that allow organizations to gauge support from their communities. 
  2. Monthly donations are a consistent way to show solidarity. By donating monthly, you’re demonstrating your commitment to our cause–and to women who are considering running for office. 
  3. Monthly giving supports impact-driven work. An organization can’t have an impact if it falls short of funds. Monthly donations act as fuel to propel a mission forward!
  4. Monthly donations are steady investments in our democracy, representation, and future. By donating monthly, you are systematically challenging the status quo. 
  5. Your monthly gift allows She Should Run to develop more robust programming and exciting new initiatives. Since recurring monthly donations provide steady cash flow, we can spend less time stressing about meeting financial goals and more time focusing on providing more amazing resources, like the She Should Run Community, for women looking to explore their civic engagement. 
  6. When you start a recurring monthly donation, you’ll join Team250K. As part of your membership, you’ll receive a welcome kit, regular updates on the status of our work, and VIP status for upcoming She Should Run events and meetups.  
  7. We’re all familiar with monthly subscriptions, from Netflix to Spotify and Amazon Prime. Think of your monthly donation like a monthly subscription to a future where our democracy represents all of us. 

Remember that change doesn’t just happen; it’s incremental, and it will take all of us to build the world we dream of. We’re so grateful to all of our supporters who are moving us closer to an equal world, one day and one dollar at a time. 

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