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Now accepting applications for our brand new Ambassador program. Use your skills to increase the growth of our community and help us fill the political pipeline with women from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and political parties.

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Applications close March 21, 2019!

About Ambassadors

Women have historically been kept out of spaces of power: business, finance, politics. In recent years, we’ve seen a disruption of norms with solutions which help women envision themselves in these spaces. In the political space, She Should Run is that solution.

We are driven by a vision of seeing 250,000 women run for office by 2030 because if women are 51% of the population, why shouldn’t they be at least 51% of the candidates we see on the ballot? Our tools, resources, and programs focus specifically on those women who don't yet see their pathway to political leadership—but will with our encouragement and support.

If we want to see our vision become a reality, we need advocates. Ambassadors are our advocates who help us fill the political pipeline with women from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and political parties. Serving for the 2019 year, Ambassadors expand She Should Run’s awareness and work to increase the growth of our community.

Who We Are Looking For

She Should Run Ambassadors must be at least 21 years of age and living in the United States. Ambassadors are passionate about She Should Run’s mission to expand the talent pool of women, are highly engaged on social media (must have over 1000 followers), and are willing to amplify She Should Run within their own networks and online. You’re excited about being the go-to person for women in politics and part of something that has never been done before.

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What Will I Be Doing?

  • Promoting She Should Run content on social media platforms (Twitter & Instagram preferred)
  • Encouraging women to run for office on social media and in your own personal networks using our Ask A Woman to Run tool
  • Amplifying all upcoming She Should Run events and programs online and within personal networks
  • Creating content for She Should Run’s website (optional)

Ambassador Benefits

  • Get featured on She Should Run’s website and social media
  • Receive exclusive access and discounts to She Should Run events
  • Be the first to know about all upcoming She Should Run programs, tools, and resources
  • Collect She Should Run swag
  • Meet new people
  • Have the satisfaction of supporting She Should Run in our mission to achieve equal representation in government in this lifetime

Apply Today!

If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Kiernan at

I want to be an Ambassador!

Applications close March 21, 2019!