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She Should Run and Barbie are partnering to deploy the power of visibility. Together, we released the first-ever President and Vice President Barbie set to help more girls to envision the possibilities of leadership from a young age.

If we want girls to believe they can become anything they want—including President or Vice President of the United States—then we need to work much more diligently to help them envision those dreams. And we need to provide the ongoing support and inspiration girls need to travel their own, unique pathways to achieving their dreams. 

Support girls leadership by heading over to and downloading the You Can Be A Leader activity guide to share with a young girl who you want to inspire. And show a young girl that she can lead by watching the You Can Be A Leader video together. 

New research underscores the uneven playing field for boys and girls when it comes to leadership. Moms and dads acknowledge that a gender gap in leadership and politics exists but they don’t necessarily view boys as more qualified leaders. In fact, most parents perceive both boys and girls to be equally likely to do a good job in a leadership role.

Incubator Parents Course

Based on these findings, we have launched an incubator course for parents to use with their daughters to inspire the next generation of leaders. If you’re a parent or family member or mentor - and you want to help a young girl in your life see her own possibility and promise, this course is for you. It’s designed to give you tools and activities to talk to a girl in your life about the ways she can become a leader - and the obstacles she’ll probably face. Sign up for the She Should Run Incubator to access to the parents course.

You Can Be A Leader activity guide


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You Can Be a Leader video 

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