We Need More Women in Leadership.

No matter who wins or loses in the November 2022 midterm elections, equal representation will still be hundreds of years out of reach if we don’t act quickly to close the gap in women’s leadership. The next two years are critical as most of the country reacts to our current challenges, rather than focus on the future.

It’s going to take a mass movement of committed individuals, primed to be part of the way forward.

Are you in?


We have a bold goal to inspire 250,000 women to join our community of civically engaged, passionate women leaders by 2030. By empowering women to face our nation’s biggest challenges together, we’re building the pipeline of future elected leaders our country deserves.

Thank You to Our Partners

The Johnnie Walker First Strides initiative celebrates, inspires and enables people and organizations taking bold strides towards progress, and pushing boundaries to move culture forward for all.

Johnnie Walker and She Should Run are empowering women to realize their potential to run for office so they can take their First Strides toward getting their name on the ballot.

In the end of 2020, Youth To The People launched an ambitious philanthropic initiative, Good To The People Funds, a family of issue-focused Funds spread across three charitable causes: Climate, Human Rights, and Gender and Racial Equity.

In 2021, She Should Run became the inaugural recipient of Youth To The People’s gender and racial equity focused fund, To The Future Fund, carrying out the company’s commitment to support nonprofits and activists working to amplify diverse voices, increase inclusivity, and build a just future and habitable planet.