What’s a Ballot and Who’s On It?

Recorded in October 2020

The US Constitution began operation in 1789 at the time only allowing white, property-owning men the right to vote. 130 years later, and after significant struggle, some women received the right to vote in 1919. After even greater sacrifice and trial, in 1965 the passage of the Civil Rights Act granted all people, and all women, full voting rights in America. The freedom to vote is America’s most important political right outside of the original Bill of Rights, and it is also the most hard-won right.

This webinar was moderated by She Should Run’s Political Pipeline Director, Jarinete Santos. Jarinete hosted a discussion with Ballot Ready Electoral Fellow Taylor Raymond and Rock the Vote’s Director of Civic Partnerships and Campaigns Allie Aguilera DiMuzio who provides tips on how to evaluate your ballot, reassures you that your vote is secure, and helps you make a voting plan.

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