Networking and Fundraising Fundamentals

Recorded in April 2021

As a leader, elected office or otherwise, you don’t lead by yourself. Your network is essential to your success and fundraising is a critical aspect of running for office. Networking can have a bad reputation, especially in politics, and fundraising, i.e. asking people for financial support for your campaign, can stir up all types of uncomfortable feelings. Through a conversation with New Mexico State Representative Georgene Louis and Las Cruces City Councilmember Tessa Abeyta-Stuve, we showed you:

  • How to think differently about networking and fundraising
  • How you can build and maximize your network now before you ever run for office
  • How to start getting comfortable with asking people to support your vision financially.

Not only are these skills helpful in exploring a run for office, but also in your own personal leadership development as you grow in your career and ask for a raise, support and invite others to support causes you care about, and as you build out your reputation in your community.

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