How to Share Your Story

Recorded in June 2021

Developing your voice is an empowering, crucial part of owning your leadership path. As a potential candidate or public leader, your plans and ideas are what others will support. And you’re probably here because something in your background or experiences is driving you to make a difference. That story – of who you are, where you came from, and your lived experiences – is the center of your leadership style.

With our partners, the Wyoming Women’s Action Network and the Equality State Policy Center,  we discussed with our speakers, Wyoming State Representative Andi Clifford and State Senator Tara Nethercott, how they developed and learned to share their own voice, how they learned to navigate digital communications, and how they used active listening as part of their communications with voters. This event was moderated by Commissioner Natalia D. Macker, co-founder of the Wyoming Women’s Action Network.

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