How to Combat Sexism as A Woman in Leadership

Recorded in March 2021

Many of us experience sexism at some point in our lives or careers. Running for office or serving in leadership positions, elected or otherwise, exposes women to public criticism that has nothing to do with their intelligence, their goals, or their qualifications, but instead stems from biases that women do not belong in leadership–political or otherwise. Tackling this issue takes intentional effort from all of us.

The challenge with combatting sexism is that it is often subtle and hard to recognize. Due to the prevalence of these thoughts and behaviors, people can be tempted to brush them off as normal. Even when sexism is easy to identify, many women feel like challenging these notions could put their leadership at risk. Unless women are equally represented in leadership, we won’t get the best results out of politics, business, or any industry. We know opportunities for women in leadership are more fruitful when sexist barriers are removed.

This webinar was facilitated by She Should Run Political Pipeline Director Jarinete Santos where she was joined by former congressional candidate, Pearl Kim, who will shared her personal story and tips for dealing with sexism as a woman in leadership.

After watching this recording, you will be better able to:

  • Recognize sexism when you or others are experiencing it
  • Shut down inappropriate thought patterns or behaviors
  • Grow personal leadership confidence

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