5 Tips to Build Resilience

| Shannon Sullivan

It’s 2024, and it seems like everywhere you look, there’s bad news. No wonder Gen Z is experiencing a crushing mental health crisis and more Americans than ever are living with depression. Worries about the future weigh on all of us, but there are steps you can take to build resilience so that you’re well equipped to handle whatever the world throws at you.

Resilience is a great skill to have in every area of your life, helping you bounce back from difficulties and disappointments. We know that the work to build an equitable future is hard and slow going, but it’s worth the resilience and perseverance to build a democracy we can be proud of. When you’re feeling down, come back to these tips to build resilience, and remember that, no matter what you’re facing, your friendly She Should Run staff is cheering for you!


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1. Build your self-esteem

Knowing your own value and strengths can be a huge help when you’re facing a challenge! Building your self-esteem can happen a lot of different ways, but here are some suggestions: 

  • Take a moment at the end of each day to think of one reason you’re proud of yourself
  • List five things you love about yourself
  • Ask your loved ones what they think your best qualities are (and believe them!)


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2. Manage your stress

When hard times come, it’s helpful to already have a plan in place for how to cope. That might mean blocking time for yoga or meditation, setting hours to have your phone on do not disturb, or breaking big projects into smaller tasks that feel more manageable. 


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3. Hold onto your purpose

Get grounded by reminding yourself what it’s all for. Identifying your purpose can help you step out of the stress and come back to what’s most important. 

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4. Rely on your network

Recognize when (and whom!) to ask for help. Your support system is called that for a reason! There are people around you who love and care about you and will be more than happy to help–all you have to do is ask. 


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5. Put things into perspective

Something my father always says is, “Can’t worry about it.” Who knew how much I would refer to this as an adult! In life, there are some things that are out of your control–accept that you’ve done your best and that, sometimes, you just can’t worry about it. 


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