More than 26,000 women have been inspired to consider a run for office through She Should Run. Join the growing movement of future women elected leaders.

What We Envision

Women are underrepresented at all levels in the 500,000+ elected offices across the U.S. That is why She Should Run is committed to getting at least 250,000 women to run for local, state, and federal offices by 2030. And we can’t do it without your support. Join us and let’s get #250Kby2030.

And when more women run...

  • More women lead: As more and more She Should Run Incubator graduates become elected officials at all levels of office, they become role models to girls and young women; normalize women’s leadership, changing the culture of women in politics; and amplify the need for gender parity in office.
  • More voices will be heard and more challenges met: By encouraging more women to run, She Should Run is building a more effective and representative government that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.