Pinpoint Submission Criteria

Want to share a resource in Pinpoint? Pinpoint resources can fall under multiple categories. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit, She Should Run can not accept candidate and campaign websites as resources. She Should Run also can not accept businesses aiming to sell services or products. Below are examples of what our community is looking for:

Campaign/Candidate Trainings: Organizations that offer trainings to candidates or people who are interested in participating in a campaign that will offer go over the “nuts and bolts” of campaigns such as fundraising, campaign strategy, media training, networking, and mobilizing voters.

Examples of these organizations include political parties that offer candidate training, partisan organizations like Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series or Emerge America that focus on training specifically Republican or Democratic women, nonpartisan organizations like Ready to Run that train women of all political backgrounds, and even issue-based/profession-based organizations that offer trainings for people with specific backgrounds like 314 Action that offers trainings and endorsements for scientists running for office.


Campaign Support/Funding: Organizations that will offer political endorsements, financial support, or other critical support for potential candidates.

Examples include VIEW PAC which offers financial support to Republican female candidates running for office or Putting Women In Their Place, a group who produces professional campaign videos for progressive, pro-choice women running for local and regional offices.


Leadership Development: Organizations that help produce the next generation of leaders or refine a woman’s ability to lead already with trainings, programs, and research that outline various ways of supporting female leaders.

An example is Take the Lead which provides women with tools to become leaders, fosters networks of professional women, and inspires women at their events.


Networking and mentoring: Organizations that offer structured and intentional networking and mentoring opportunities.

Examples include politically affiliated organizations like the Alabama Federation of Democratic Women or topic-focused like Global WIN which highlights the important role of women in innovation by featuring networking events, career development, and more.


Communication skills: Organizations that aim to help women in strengthening their communication skills and sharing their story.

Examples include Toastmasters International, an organization that assists in improving their members’ speaking and leadership skills, and the Public Speaking Project, which offers virtual tools to help improve a person's public speaking skills.


Educational: Organizations that offer weekly newsletters, guidelines, and information related to running for office, civic engagement, and leadership development.

Examples include the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which produces research-backed, pragmatic guides for women on both sides of the aisle that enable candidates to maximize strategic advantages and clear hurdles on their way to public office and The Beat, an inclusive newsletter amplifying diverse political leaders in the nation's capital as well as policies that impact communities of color.