The Incubator is a set of online courses. The courses help you develop practical skills and give context for what matters most through the lens of public service.

More women in elected office means a better government and a better world, and it means more girls seeing more possibilities. The Incubator is the place to find a way.


You are welcome to use the Incubator regardless of whether you are aligned with any (or no) political party.

No Cost

No Cost

There is no fee to use the Incubator. Our only request is that you keep the momentum going and ask a friend to run.



You can use the modules right now to help you find your way, even if you're still not sure when - or if - you want to run for office.



The modules are designed so that you can do them at your own pace. You can come back and continue your journey at any time.

Are you a parent or mentor to a young girl?

Our Parent's Course is a program for you, with activities you can do with your girl.

When you join the Incubator, you get immediate and free access to the Parent's Course.

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Why join the Incubator community?
Chelsea W.

“After participating in the She Should Run Incubator and taking a good look at my personal story, I realized I have more power and grit than I give myself credit for.”

“The Incubator is there for any woman who is curious about running for office. This experience helped my leadership style become ingrained in who I am on a day-to-day basis. The Incubator made running seem so much more possible and made it OK to start at exactly where I am."

Taylor P.

“Finally a vital resource that will guide me and other women who have been considering running for office.”

"After completing the courses, I'm much more deliberate about connecting with and learning from those outside my experience. It helped me articulate my ‘why’ for wanting to run for public office. The Incubator community and private Facebook group allowed me to learn from others and also to receive unexpected encouragement."

Kim S.

“The She Should Run Incubator helped me realize I have a better foundation to run than I had previously believed.”

"I am very excited to share this platform with others like myself who have the drive and spirit and who have expressed an interest in running for office but doesn’t have necessary tools equip to start. Thank you… Now our journey begins."

Amber M.

“I joined the She Should Run Incubator to get the encouragement I needed to run for a local political office.”

"There are not many young women who decide to run for political office where I reside. I am convinced the Incubator will equip me with the tools I need. Also, She Should Run never gives you a reason NOT to run for office but always tons of reason as to WHY. I really needed that encouragement in a male dominated arena."

Sue S.

“I joined the She Should Run Incubator to explore my readiness to run for public office.”

"I've been told by colleagues I should run for office, but never felt I had the resources--either financially or politically--to be a viable candidate. Being part of this community and experience is teaching me that I do! I'm enjoying the journey and highly recommend it to women who wants to impact public policy."

Kara C.

“When I reached out to She Should Run, I found plenty of support, resources, and absolute faith from an amazing community of women who truly believe I can do this.”

"The Incubator came along at the exact moment I had finally decided to go for it and begin my journey to running for public office. The idea had been in the back of my mind for years because I knew I wanted to make a difference on a broader scale. I knew, however, that would require steps of growth and plenty of support."