About the Incubator

More than 18,000 women have been inspired to consider a run for office through She Should Run. Now, they need the resources to help them start making plans for their futures.

The She Should Run Incubator is our online, flagship program designed to help women from all backgrounds and across the political spectrum envision themselves in public leadership. The Incubator’s unique approach focuses our members on why they want to run and the impact they’ll make in elected office. Through our courses on cultivating leadership, building networks, and fostering communication skills, and with a supportive community, women are given the tools they need to begin carving their own unique path to public office.

She Should Run is here to help jumpstart your journey to elected office, but you don’t have to walk this path alone. We brought together women leaders from all walks of political life to share their unique stories. We want to empower you to use your unique background and qualifications to begin your own journey to public office because you are qualified and you are ready.

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Are you a parent or mentor to a young girl?

Our Parent’s Course is a program for you, with activities you can do with your girl.

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