Why Republicans Chose to Lose the Female Vote

Posted by She Should Run on March 19, 2012 at 12:00 PM

The Big Picture Rumble

Why Republicans Choose to Lose the Female Vote
By The Big Picture Rumble

Anthony Holm, Republican Strategist, Sam Bennett, The She Should Run Foundation & Nicholas Ballasy, The Daily Caller, all join Thom Hartmann. 
-It's been a tough week for the US military strategy in Afghanistan...So isn't it time we just get the hell out of there?
-This week former Goldman Sachs exec Greg Smith blasted his former employer - saying their's a toxic and destructive environment at Goldman. The bank routinely refers to customers as "muppets" and routinely swindles them. What should be done?
-The War on Women continues. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released last week asked women who they'd like to see controlling Congress at the beginning of next year - and 51% said Democrats & only 36% said Republicans. Why did Republicans choose to lose the female vote?
-According to Reuters - Britain is set to collaborate with the U.S on tapping strategic oil stocks within the next few months to prevent record gas prices from affecting continued economic growth. Isn't the real reason we have record high gas prices because of speculation on Wall Street? Releasing oil from our strategic reserves will do nothing to stop the speculation - and therefore won't solve the problem of high gas prices - right?
-Quickfire - This week - President Obama's re-election team released a new documentary highlighting the president's successes over his first term. Tom Hanks is narrating the film. So - not to be outdone by the President - who might the Republican candidates for President tap to narrate their own documentaries?

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