Congresswomen are getting President Barbies today

Posted by She Should Run on July 18, 2016 at 11:14 AM

Fast Company

Congresswomen are getting President Barbies today
By Elizabeth Segran 

Mattel has just released its latest president and vice president Barbies. The first President Barbie hit the market in 1992, but she looked anything but presidential in a poofy red, white, and blue gown, with an extra red bolero outfit. (For what? To do some Spanish dancing?) 

Today, each female member of Congress is getting one of the new Barbies as a gift from the nonpartisan group, She Should Run, which is helping women to envision themselves in elected office. The two-part doll set invites girls to imagine an all-female ticket and perhaps sends a gentle nudge to Hillary Clinton that a female running mate would not be such a crazy idea.

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