Another look at Lisa Madigan’s numbers

Posted by She Should Run on April 08, 2013 at 12:00 PM

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Another look at Lisa Madigan’s numbers

* A good friend sent me an e-mail about Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s fundraising report for the first quarter. Yes, she did outdo Gov. Pat Quinn by quite a bit, but my friend reminded me “she’s playing a longer game now than just him.”

First, he pointed to Rod Blagojevich’s D2 for the first six months of 2005, the same period we’re in now ahead of the 2014 race. Blagojevich started the period with $10 million and raised $4.6 million. As my friend points out, that averages $2.3 million a quarter and $773K per month.

By contrast, Madigan had $3.6 million in the bank at the end of last year and has disclosed raising about $770K so far this year.

* He also pointed to Scott Kennedy’s quite comprehensive web page which totals campaign contributions by race for the past several years.

After transfers between funds are calculated, Quinn spent about $38 million on his 2010 primary and general elections combined. From my friend…

A governor’s race costs $30 million in this state, minimum.

So, her $4.3 million on hand is way, way behind. She’s going to need to blow open the caps or a superpac needs to do the dirty work for her.

Otherwise, her floor is 4 million dollars a quarter going forward.

* Then again, at this same point in the cycle in 2009, Gov. Quinn had a mere $82K in the bank to start and raised just $860K during the entire first six months of the year. And yet Quinn still outraised Blagojevich when push came to shove.

In other words, money comes in when money is needed, so there’s plenty of time for both candidates to raise cash.

* Meanwhile, this is kinda fascinating

In the wake of President Barack Obama apologizing to California Attorney General Kamala Harris for complimenting her on her good looks comes this blockbuster finding from a new study: when it comes to a female candidate, any media coverage about her appearance–even positive–hurts her with voters.

That’s a key conclusion of the poll for the Women’s Media Center and She Should Run, to be released Monday in Chicago at the Council on Foundations annual conference at the Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan.

The survey’s release is timely because Obama’s remark about Harris is the latest in the long-running struggle of women seeking public office, not to have their looks influence how people assess their credibility. […]

The “Name It. Change It” survey, conducted by Celinda Lake of Lake Research and Robert Carpenter of Chesapeake Beach Consulting found that when any media coverage focuses on a female contender’s appearance–positive, negative, or neutral–”it made voters less likely to vote for her.”

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