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There’s no one path to leadership. The Incubator is our online resource to help more women envision themselves in public leadership. We’re here to offer inspiration, a supportive community, access to role models and mentors, and thoughtful guidance and advice for as long as it takes to ensure women leaders, like you, know their leadership is needed in elected office.


She Should Run Chicago Cohort - Winter 2017-18: Apply Here

She Should Run is bringing the Incubator to the Windy City with a six-month cohort program starting in November. 

This six-month cohort will bring the Incubator (and more) to you live:

  • We have planned 3 in-person sessions and 3 virtual sessions that will be jam-packed with activities to cultivate your leadership, build your networks, and foster your communication skills
  • You will hear about life from the campaign trail from campaign experts and elected officials
  • By the end of the 6 months you'll walk away with your next steps planned towards elected leadership and an amazing network of women

We believe in you

We are here to help you start your journey to elected office, but you don't have to go it alone. We've enlisted the help of a few friends who also believe in you.

We brought together women leaders from all walks of political life to share their unique stories and help you envision yourself in elected office. You are qualified. You are ready. Don’t believe us? Just watch.



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